Our vision

At Circle Housing Merton Priory we want to provide residents with great homes and excellent neighbourhoods.

During summer 2013 we consulted residents about the possible regeneration of Eastfields, High Path and Ravensbury.  We talked to them about what they like about where they live, what they don’t like and what long-term improvements they would like to see.

Following a review of the feedback we received, we decided that regeneration should be explored further. To help achieve this architects have been appointed to work with local residents during 2014:

The architects are currently designing what the new neighbourhoods would look like if the regeneration goes ahead.

By the end of this year residents and other local organisations such as local schools, businesses and community groups will have helped us to decide on the potential location, layout and design of the new homes to be built.

We will also know how the green space could be improved and how access to public transport and local facilities would work.

This work will form the basis of planning applications to be submitted to Merton Council in 2015.

The consultation during this summer and autumn will enable residents to repeat the views they have shared with us already or raise new points about improving their homes and outside spaces. 

We want to develop the best designs possible that reflect what residents want to see.