High Path master plan

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You can view details of the High Path master plan here.

The  proposals for a new neighbourhood at High Path would deliver:

  • Around 1,600 energy-efficient new homes, including replacement homes for all existing residents
  • A variety of house types including flats, duplexes, maisonettes, mew houses, townhouses and multigenerational houses
  • New homes with wheelchair access and the flexibility to meet changing family needs
  • New homes as big as or bigger than their current equivalent 
  • Private outdoor space for every home e.g. a garden, roof terrace or balcony
  • A central neighbourhood park with links to surrounding areas
  • New landscaped pedestrian and cycle routes providing better and safer connections in High Path and to the surrounding area
  • Spaces for shops and local businesses
  • New and improved community facilities that community groups could use for meetings, events, classes and clubs