Merton regeneration draft master plans

14 November 2014

Existing residents’ needs at the heart of Merton regeneration plans. Residents of Eastfields, High Path and Ravensbury have been shown potential layouts for homes if regeneration goes ahead.

Circle Housing Merton Priory’s launch events on the draft master plans saw over 400 people come to discuss the plans and look at the quality and layout of the proposed homes and neighbourhoods.

A wide variety of housing types are proposed, which would be more spacious than their current equivalent, to meet residents’ needs. All of the new homes would have private outside space set within safer and greener streets. 

Paul Quinn, Director of Regeneration said; “After the consultation events we held over the last few weeks, many of our residents are genuinely excited at the prospect of having one of the new homes and seeing their neighbourhood transformed.  Many residents are living in over-crowded conditions or in homes that have problems or defects and feedback on the draft designs has been largely positive.”

Between six and 12 home types were presented to the residents of each neighbourhood.  They have been designed following consultation with residents to accommodate a wide variety of family sizes and configurations. Multi-generational homes are proposed for families who might have elderly relatives living with them or children yet to leave home, and there are one bedroom flats for people living alone. The homes proposed for each neighbourhood include town houses, mews properties, maisonettes, courtyard homes and two-bed houses.

Paul Quinn, added; “The master plans have been carefully designed to be sensitive to the specific location, surroundings and unique characteristics of each neighbourhood. All of the existing tenants and homeowners will be offered new, spacious and well laid out homes, with private outdoor space, designed for the way people want to live today. Our priority is to offer them better quality, energy efficient homes and keep the existing communities together.”

In addition to the new homes there will be wider benefits for residents, including extensively landscaped outside areas, new community facilities and better access to local services.

A resident of Eastfields stated: "I am delighted to see the plans. They are for attractive, modern environmentally friendly housing. I feel proud to have been part (a small part) of the consultation process. Well done to the architect team."

A Ravensbury resident said: “As long as the community and the residents can stay together and are happy with the new developments then my family and I are happy, and it seems that most of our fears and concerns were listened to so thank you.”

A resident of High Path commented: “When the idea of regeneration was first suggested I have to admit I was against it as we were expected to get new bathrooms and kitchens from Circle Housing Merton Priory…Since attending all meetings and workshops I feel more happy with the regeneration proposals and what this could mean for the estate as a whole. I know it’s not going to be ideal living in a worksite, but the finished product and outcome will be well worth the wait.”

In November and December the Circle Housing Merton Priory regeneration team will visit each home, on all three neighbourhoods, to discuss the proposed regeneration master plans in more detail and answer questions. 

In summary:


High Path draft master plan would deliver:

  • Approximately 1,250 new homes (650 more than currently exist)
  • 10 different home types with all bigger than the equivalent existing properties
  • A large new central neighbourhood park
  • Tree-lined streets and Victorian-style terraces
  • Space for a variety of small shops
  • A range of parking options, including underground, on-street and in garages

Spyridon Katsaros, Associate Director at PRP Architects, said: “We believe that the High Path regeneration offers a unique opportunity to create a new sustainable neighbourhood that integrates with the surrounding area, comprising a mixed community and uses together with vibrant and exciting public spaces, designed to last for successive generations.”


The draft master plan for Eastfields would deliver:

  • Approximately 600 new homes (135 more homes than currently exist)
  • 12 housing types with the majority of homes larger than current properties
  • Significantly improved configuration of the green spaces to provide play areas and landscaping through the centre of the neighbourhood
  • A pedestrian and cycle friendly neighbourhood

Barry McCullough, Director at Levitt Bernstein Architects, said: “The vision for Eastfields is to develop a master plan that will create one of the best places to live in South London; a welcoming place where existing residents will feel at home and where there are links to the wider area. We worked with residents to develop proposals based on putting in the safe and secure traditional streets that they requested, whilst retaining the existing open space and beautiful mature trees that are so popular with residents.”

The draft master plan for Ravensbury would deliver:

  • Part refurbishment and part regeneration with safe tree-lined streets
  • Enhancing Ravensbury’s distinctive character and village feel
  • Approximately 190 new homes (approximately 95 more homes than currently exist)
  • A wider variety of new homes: 1,2 & 3 bedroom flats and 2,3 & 4 bedroom houses and maisonettes
  • New accessible housing for older residents, plus a new community space for the neighbourhood

Paul Maddock, Senior Associate at HTA Design LLP, said: “Ravensbury is a close-knit community, set within stunning natural and historic surroundings alongside the River Wandle. HTA has been hugely inspired by the estate’s unique characteristics and regular input from residents in evolving the draft master plan. We are continuing to develop a responsive master plan with residents that will include a wide range of high quality sustainable homes.”

All new homes would have their own private outdoor space (including a front or back garden, balconies or roof terrace) and rents would continue to be in line with their current tenancy agreements.

Any residents who would like to pre-book an appointment with the Circle Housing Merton Priory regeneration team can call 020 3441 8518 or email / /