A new play area for High Path

15 January 2019

In December 2018 Clarion Housing Group opened a new play area on High Path, South Wimbledon. Children who live on High Path and attend the neighbouring Merton Abbey Primary School tested out the new play equipment at the ceremony held to mark the opening.

The new playground replaces the Pincott Road play area that was closed to make way for the first new homes to be built as part of the regeneration of High Path. 


Planning permission for the first 134 new homes was granted in 2017. Demolition of the Pincott Road play area, garages and Old Lamp Works building has taken place and construction of new homes will begin in the coming weeks. Once completed, these new homes will be available for residents of High Path to move straight into, freeing up land for the next phase of regeneration. 

Michael Bradley, Headteacher at Merton Abbey Primary School, said: “The children were delighted to see their new play space.  They are proud to be part of the regeneration project and have loved contributing their views and ideas over the last three years.  Personally, I am pleased that the children will have a dedicated area for outdoor play on the estate for the duration of the regeneration project.”

Tim Sargeant, Head of Merton Regeneration at Clarion Housing, said: “With the help of residents we’ve developed plans to transform their neighbourhood through regeneration. A part of this was the children at Merton Abbey Primary School telling us their hopes for the future.

“Our objectives for regeneration include usable public open space. This is why we promised to re-provide the play area for local children to play. Once regeneration is complete High Path will have a neighbourhood park located centrally for the whole community.”   

Councillor Kelly Braund, Cabinet Member for Children services, said: "I welcome Clarion Housing's commitment to the children who live on and around High Path to ensure they have a brand new space to play whilst the regeneration progresses. By involving children and young people in the plans for their community, we can build strong safe communities that they feel ownership over and can be proud of."

High Path is being regenerated by Clarion Housing alongside two other neighbourhoods in Merton, Ravensbury and Eastfields. Collectively known as the Merton Regeneration Project, this is part of the housing association’s drive to improve the quality and choice of homes for existing and future residents.