Consultation news archive

Please find below an archive of all newsletters, leaflets and consultation boards produced for Eastfields, High Path and Ravensbury.

Eastfields Newsletters

Eastfields news Winter 2018

Eastfields news Summer 2017

Eastfields master plan April 2017

Eastfields Regeneration update Winter 2017

Eastfields Regeneration update Summer 2016

Eastfields regeneration update Spring 2016

Eastfields Regeneration update Winter 2015
November - High Path master plan
September - First new homes final exhibition
July - First new homes (including Old Lamp Works site)
May -
First new homes
May - First new homes feedback report

Ravensbury Newsletters

Ravensbury news Winter 2018

Ravensbury news summer 2017

Ravensbury master plan 2017

Ravensbury Regeneration update Winter 2017

Ravensbury Regeneration update Summer 2016

Ravensbury Regeneration update Spring 2016

Ravensbury Regeneration update Winter 2015

The Future of High Path Spring 2015 bulletin

Homeowner news - Ravensbury
Landlord news - Ravensbury 
Ravensbury News - Winter 2013/14 issue 
Ravensbury News - September 2013 issue 
Ravensbury News - August 2013 issue 
Shape the future of Ravensbury leaflet 

Ravensbury consultation boards

2014 consultation boards and reports

2015 consultation boards and reports

2016 consultation boards

November - Ravensbury master plan
May - Parking arrangements
April -
First new homes