Ravensbury master plan

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The proposals for a new neighbourhood at Ravensbury would deliver:

  • Up to 180 new homes and 91 homes kept
  • 2-3 storey houses houses and 4 storey flats
  • Homes built to modern space standards - all new homes as big or bigger than their current equivalent
  • Homes designed to fully accessible standard to meet the needs of older residents and wheelchair users
  • Private outdoor space for every new home e.g. garden, roof terrace or balcony
  • No new entrance roads so Ravensbury keeps its village feel
  • Parking for all homes in a mix of on-street spaces, on plot parking and parking courts
  • Traditional design including pitched roof houses, terraced streets and shared courtyards
  • A community space
  • One vehicle route into Ravensbury
  • Most mature trees kept and new central routes, providing better links to Morden Hall Park, Ravensbury Park and Morden Road