As part of the Merton Regeneration Project we're consulting with residents on Eastfields, High Path and Ravensbury about plans to redevelop their neighbourhoods.

As a charity we're committed to investing in Merton for the long-term to create safe, secure and well-designed homes and outside spaces.

We are planning to build about 2,800 new homes over a 12 year period. We will replace 1,000 existing homes and add about 1,800 new additional homes across the three neighbourhoods.

If regeneration goes ahead the new neighbourhoods will respond to the needs of the residents. Since the summer of 2013 we've been running consultation events about design and layout, outside spaces and types of homes. We're also discussing our proposals with community and faith groups, local businesses and schools and Merton Council. 

Benefits of regeneration

  • We believe regeneration is the best way of delivering new, well-designed, energy-efficient homes to meet the needs of residents now and in the future
  • The provision of family housing will help to address overcrowding among our tenants
  • All existing tenants and resident homeowners will have the right to a new home at no cost
  • Regeneration means private outdoor space for all residents, job creation, opportunities for local businesses, better community and green spaces and links to local areas

Our proposals include some private housing that will go towards paying for existing residents' new homes as well as the improvements to open spaces and community facilities. These private homes will also help to address the housing shortage in Merton.